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What are Behavioural Addictions

Behavioral addiction refers to several mental health conditions in which a person engages in a particular behavior repeatedly; even if the behavior causes them harm—it may seem as if they simply cannot resist engaging in it. Common behavioral addictions—also known as process addictions—include gambling addiction, shopping addiction, hoarding, and kleptomania (impulsive stealing). While the compulsivity associated with behavioral addictions may seem uncontrollable, treatment options are available to those who suffer from them.  A number of factors contribute to the development of behavioral addictions, including personality, substance abuse, and genetics.

Is it treatable?

Behavioral addiction treatment and rehabilitation presents a challenge in many cases because, unlike treatment for drugs or alcohol, abstinence can be impossible. For example, a person who is addicted to overeating cannot cut food out of their life. For this reason, some types of behavioral addiction treatment programs focus primarily on rehabilitation and recovery rather than detoxification or abstinence.

I can help

Behavioural Addiction is as treatable any other addiction.  I can help you develop realistic goals to bring your life back into balance.  You can once again enjoy life free from the pain of addiction.

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